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We have had numerous requests over the years from businesses   individuals that want to know how they can purchase our amazing Waterless Car Wash products.

Click on the link below to purchase Metro Shine products.

To purchase our products, please visit www.metroshinecompanyproducts.com

Commercial Cleaning

We supply our proprietary products and training (if desired) to a variety of businesses that want to keep their vehicles clean or provide their own waterless car wash services

  • Parking operators that have or want to have their own waterless detail shop(s)
  • Rental car companies
  • Limo/taxi/shuttle bus companies
  • Mobile detail companies
  • Airplane cleaning for flight schools and airports
  • RV Cleaning for Storage facilities and RV dealerships
  • Car Dealerships

At Home Car Washing

If you are an individual that wants to get the same high shine results that Metro Shine Company provides at it's service locations but prefer to do it yourself, you can now purchase our proprietary products here:

  • Live in a drought affected area that prevents using water for car washing?
  • Live in an apartment community with no access to water?
  • Live in a cold weather climate that prevents car washing outside of the garage?
  • Want to do your part in conserving water & run off?

Typical water consumption for traditional driveway car washing uses 50-100 gallons of water along with the same amount of soap & suds run off.

Our at home car wash kit is the solution for you. Everything that you need to clean your vehicle interior & exterior can be shipped to your door. No hose required! Click here to purchase your at home car wash kit.

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