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Car detailing is one of the most important preventative measures included in your maintenance routine. Auto detailing not only improves the value of your car, but reduces harmful grit and grime from stripping the quality from your vehicle. Here at Metro Shine Company, we understand that you are busy and may not have time to detail your car yourself or drive to a car wash facility. As a result, we had you, our customer, in mind when we created our on site service. Enjoy quality, environmentally friendly auto detailing from wherever you are parked.

We are proud to offer the following services:

Services Offered:

Out Shine

Hand wash & shine with paint protectant, wheel cleaning & tire shine.
Car - $29.99
Truck/Van/SUV - $39.99

Inside & Out Shine

Out Shine plus interior vacuum, window shine & wipe down.

Pet Hair Removal not Included.

Car - $39.99
Truck/Van/SUV - $49.99

All Shine On

YOU GET IT ALL! Inside & Out Shine plus Exterior Super Shine AND Interior Super Shine.
Car - $124.99
Truck/Van/SUV - $149.99

Super Shine (Interior)

Inside & Out Shine plus Leather/Vinyl Conditioner, Carpet Cleaning and Pet Hair Removal
Car - $74.99
Truck/Van/SUV - $99.99

Super Shine (Exterior)

Inside & Out Shine plus Hand Applied Liquid Wax.
Car - $74.99
Truck/Van/SUV - $99.99